Draft of NY congressional redistricting map 'absolutely brutal' for Dems

Posted 43 days ago


A draft of a new congressional districting map for the state of New York appears to give Republicans a big boost compared to the lines Democratic lawmakers had originally drawn.

The Democrats' plan was scrapped and redistricting placed into the hands of a court-appointed special master after a January ruling that the initial map was the result of improper gerrymandering.

"[A]bsolutely brutal in what’s likely their most unfavorable environment since ‘94," tweeted Democratic consultant and former chief of staff for the New York attorney general Neal Kwatra in response to the news.

An interactive version of the map is online, courtesy of the special master, Jonathan Cervas, who Judge Patrick McAllister appointed to handle the new congressional mapping.

Next, the public will have until Wednesday to provide input on the new map to McAllister, and the final map is due Friday, accordin... (Read more)