WaPo columnist says country should be 'grateful' that Biden is doing 'effectively nothing' to fight inflation

Posted 38 days ago


Washington Post columnist Megan McArdle said on Monday that President Biden is doing "effectively nothing" to combat the crippling inflation rates, but the country should be "grateful."

In her op-ed, McArdle pointed out how unlike Biden, lawmakers are calling for aggressive plans to tackle the soaring inflation. But, she said, the demand for more direct action "stands in stark contrast to the Biden administration, whose policy response consists mainly of blaming the pandemic and Russian President Vladimir Putin, railing against Republican tax proposals, and otherwise denying responsibility for the fastest price increases in decades.

McArdle pointed to Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren, who wants legislation to give the Federal Trade Commission and state governments expanded authority to crack down on corporations that significantly raise prices, supporting her belief that corporate greed is to blame for the recent price hikes.

Dismissing Warren's plan as a "conspiracy theory," McArdle claimed that Biden's strategy, or lack thereof, is a "much better" approach — "precisely because it does effectively nothing."

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