David McCormick Closing Video Ad: ‘I’ve Been America First my Whole Life’

Posted 44 days ago


Businessman David McCormick, a Republican candidate for U. S. Senate in Pennsylvania, emphasized his military service in his closing ad, saying, “I’ve been America First my whole life. I’m the one that volunteered when I was 18 and put it all on the line.”


McCormick graduated from West Point military academy and went on to serve in the Persian Gulf War as part of the Army’s All-American 82nd Airborne Division.

McCormick’s final pitch to voters comes two days before Pennsylvania’s GOP primary, which is closely matched between McCormick, Mehmet Oz, and Kathy Barnette.

The most recent poll found McCormick having a narrow lead over his challengers going into the final weekend of the primary campaign season.

Democrats have signaled they see McCormick as their biggest threat in the general election and are reportedly “salivating at the prospect” of running against Barnette in November.

“I am incredibly optimistic about our future. This is the American story. We get to the edge. We board ourselves back.” McCormick said in his closing ad. “I come to you as someone who’s a true conservative. I’m asking for your vote. The stakes couldn’t be higher because the country is headed in the wrong direction.”

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