Joe Rogan tears apart people who say the term 'groomer' is offensive: 'Here’s what's more important — not have people groom your f***ing kids!'

Posted 3 days ago


Joe Rogan blasted people who find the term "groomer" offensive. The prolific podcaster also tore apart employees who expect to get paid for mental health days.

During the Wednesday episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast with guest Gad Saad, Rogan discussed educators indoctrinating children. The conversation stemmed from reference to Florida's Parental Rights in Education legislation that prohibits school staff from talking to children about sexual orientation or gender identity in grades kindergarten through third.

Rogan declared that there is a major difference between education and indoctrination by educators. Rogan exclaimed, "And if you want to tell me that they’re the same thing, I say, 'F*** you!' Cause they’re not!"

He added, "Cause there’s a lot of f***ing crazy people that wind up being teachers."

Rogan noted that a lot of people don't like the term "groomer" and questioned their motives for being offended by the word.

He said, "Do you not like it because you don’t want children to be groomed, or do you not like it cause it’s a pejorative that’s used against the left? Which I think is more likely."

"Here’s what's more important — not have people groom your f***ing kids," Rogan stressed. "That’s what’s more important than you getting uncomfortable with this word because it’s used by people on the right."

The Spotify star said that he knows an "intelligent person" who said that the word "groomer" should be blocked on social media.

Instead of censoring the word, Rogan lashed out with his straightforward solution, "No! No, there should be no groomers! How about that!"

He said educators grooming children is a "real f***ing problem."

He asked, "And how many of those people are doing it under the guise of 'I'm an LGBTQ educator'?"

The stand-up comedian pointed out that there are teachers being arrested for sexually abusing students "every couple days."

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