'Outnumbered' rips White House inaction amid inflation, baby formula shortage: 'Incompetence on clear display'

Posted 4 days ago


"Outnumbered" panelists criticized President Biden Thursday for remaining silent as American families scramble to secure food for young children amid a nationwide baby formula shortage.

Incoming White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Wednesday that the issue is a "top priority" for the administration despite not knowing who the point of contact on the issue was when asked by reporters.

David Webb, a Fox News contributor and host of "Reality Check" on Fox Nation, pointed out the additional strain of the inflation crisis.

"If they have to pay more for gas to go hunt three, four or five stores, they have to refill that vehicle to go to work. So the costs are being bled off," he said. "You’ve got people really hurting."

Webb warned that Americans will continue to bear the costs of inflation.

"The ideology and the incompetence in this White House is on clear display," he told the panel. "And that’s a dangerous combination for the Am... (Read more)