Rep. Andy Biggs slams Jan. 6 committee subpoenas as 'witch hunt:' 'To dignify them would be a gross mistake'

Posted 4 days ago


Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., responded to the Jan. 6 House select committee subpoenas filed against him and other Republican lawmakers Thursday, accusing Democrats of leaking it to the press without notifying his office and engaging in a political "witch hunt" against Republicans.

"We still have not even seen the subpoenas, but apparently some in the media have," Biggs told "America Reports" shortly after Fox News and other outlets broke news of the subpoenas.

"It indicates that this is really more about basically headlines than getting at the truth, if you want my opinion on it," he said. "These were leaked to the media. We still have not seen them. They didn’t contact any of our counsel."

The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot filed subpoenas earlier Thursday against Biggs, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Mo Brooks, R-Ala., Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Scott Perry, R-Ohio, after they refused to cooperate with the investigation.

Biggs dismissed the subpoenas as an effort by an "illegitimate committee" to smear their "political enemies."

"They don’t really have the authority to issue subpoenas in my opinion," he said. "So we don’t want to dignify what they are doing. This has been a witch hunt from day one. This is an attempt to go after political enemies instead of trying to get out the truth."

Biggs did not expressly say whether he would comply with the subpoena.

"To dignify them would be, in my opinion, a gross mistake," he told "America Reports" co-host John Robe... (Read more)