Alec Baldwin: Remove 'Traitorous Democrat' Sen. Joe Manchin

Posted 4 days ago


Actor Alec Baldwin — who is still facing fallout from the shooting death on the set of the movie Rust — is now pushing for the removal of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) from office, calling him a “traitorous Democrat.”

Alec Baldwin called for Manchin’s removal in a recent tweet in which the actor claimed the senator is more dangerous that the “unhinged Republican” — presumably a reference to former President Donald Trump and his supporters.

Sen. Manchin recently broke ranks with Democrats to vote against his party’s abortion bill that would have legalized late-term abortion up to the moment of birth. The senator said the bill, which was defeated 51-49, went too far and that he remains pro-life.

ABC’s The View went after Sen. Manchin on Thursday. “Everybody just needs to go vote these fools out of there,” Whoopi Goldberg said, saying the senator “doesn’t give a hoot” about women.

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