Supreme Court justices to meet for first time behind closed doors after leak

Posted 4 days ago


The nine justices on the U. S. Supreme Court will gather behind closed doors Thursday morning for the first time since a draft opinion in an abortion case was leaked to the media, igniting a firestorm of protests outside the court and their own homes.

The opinion written for Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, by Justice Samuel Alito, would overturn Roe v. Wade if published as the court's official ruling. Tensions are now running high across the country, and demonstrations have led to a fence being erected outside the Supreme Court building, further separating the nine jurists from the outside world.

Several former Supreme Court clerks told The Associated Press that they expect the justices to discuss the leak during Thursday's meeting. Supreme Court conference days are typically used for the court's members to discuss cases they have already heard and decide which ones to hear in the future.

"I would be shocked if it doesn't come up," former Alito clerk Megan Wold told the AP.

The court issued a statement after the leak, acknowledging its authenticity w... (Read more)