Texas School Board Candidates Sweep Elections With Help Of Anti-CRT PACs

Posted 4 days ago


All fifteen Texas school board candidates endorsed by the 1776 Project PAC won their elections, the group tweeted Monday. Ten out of 11 school board candidates endorsed by the Patriot Mobile Action PAC also won their races, the Texas Tribune reported.

Every single one of the candidates backed by the 1776 Project PAC have won their elections this year, 1776 Project founder Ryan Girdusky told told the Daily Caller News Foundation. He said support for candidates backed by his PAC was evidenced by the election results and turnout.

“If you pay attention and you look at these races where it was very close in some cases, I think that the PAC absolutely helped tremendously and we’ll continue doing that into the near future,” Girdusky said. The PAC is now focused on the upcoming elections in Georgia and Maryland, he added.


The 1776 Project PAC is “dedicated to electing school board members nationwide who want to reform our public education system ... (Read more)

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