Democrats slammed for blocking Russia sanctions bill using filibuster they've decried as racist

Posted 9 days ago


Senate Democrats were slammed Thursday for taking advantage of the filibuster rule, which prominent members of their party have recently decried as racist, to block a bill from Republican Sen. Ted Cruz implementing sanctions on Russia.

The Senate voted 55-44 to pass Cruz’s sanctions on Russia for its Nord Stream 2 pipeline with Germany but failed due to a bipartisan agreement to subject it to a 60 vote threshold.

A handful of Democrats joined Republicans in voting for the measure.

The new natural gas pipeline, which is awaiting final approval from German and European officials before it goes into operation, has been a particular focus of attention as the U. S. and its European allies try to build a package of deterrents strong enough to stop Putin from invading Ukraine.

The move was met with immediate criticism from conservatives on social media who pointed out that Democrats have been attempting to abolish and suspend the filibuster with some Twitter users pointing out that just days earlier, President Biden tried to make the case that anyone who opposes removing the filibuster is akin to George Wallace and Jefferson Davis.

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