Candace Owens Goes Off On ‘Most Annoying Celebrity’ Demi Lovato: ‘I’ve Never Seen Someone Who Needs More Attention In My Life’

Posted 10 days ago


Lots of people are equal parts fascinated and repulsed by Demi Lovato’s public antics, which include but are not limited to encouraging followers to “be a sl*t” and make porn, identifying as pansexual and being attracted to “anything, really,” railing against a frozen yogurt shop, slamming gender reveal parties for expectant parents, debuting a shaved head and then getting a giant spider tattoo, and communing with aliens.

No wonder Daily Wire host Candace Owens dubbed Lovato the “most annoying celebrity” of right now, which is not an easy title to win in today’s society.

Owens was responding to a fan’s question during a recent All Access Live. The “Candace” host barely hesitated before giving her answer and explaining why Lovato easily wins that title.

“I would say, without question, the most annoying celebrity … is Demi Lovato” Owens replied. “I’ve never seen someone who needs more attention in my life.”

Owens went on to explain how she had just spoken about this phenomenon on Twitter and was exploring the topic as part of a new book she’s working on that deals with feminism. The “Blackout” author said Lovato is the perfect example of “women that overshare because they want attention and they pretend that it’s helping them.” She went on to say the former Disney star is the “queen of this.”

“I don’t understand why people come to social media to overshare,” Owens said during All Access Live.

She continued, “I think the answer to it is because all they are looking for is someone in the comments to be like, ‘You’re so great, that’s amazing, you’re so amazing, oh my... (Read more)