New York restaurant owner has message for governor over vaccine mandate

Posted 10 days ago


New York City restaurateur Stratis Morfogen vowed not to abide by New York City's vaccine mandate for the private sector Thursday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

"I'm not doing the mandate, and I told [New York] Governor [Kathy] Hochul to come and arrest me," he told host Tucker Carlson.

"I'm not doing it because, first of all, the employees we have, these were our heroes. In [the] early part of COVID, we fed 8,400 health care workers," he explained. "I'm not firing these people for a jab, for a job."

Morfogen added that the government "got it wrong from the beginning."

He then knocked "governors, mayors and politicians up to the White House" for their inexperience in business, saying that they "never ran a lemonade stand."

"They never ran a small business," he continued. "They... (Read more)