Penn State student ‘completely shocked’ by woke professor's assignment on why Taliban are not terrorists

Posted 10 days ago


A Penn State University student said Friday she was "completely shocked" by an essay prompt deeming the Taliban "not a terrorist group."

"I was completely shocked. I had made it through my first four years of college without having anything this insane and, of course, my last semester my teacher basically says you have to agree with me or I’m going to fail you. So it was very surprising to me," Kylie Stone told "Fox & Friends."

Stone, also a social media producer at Turning Point USA, called out the assignment from Christopher Cook, a professor of international politics at Penn State Online World Campus.

Cook had been teaching that the Taliban is not, and never has been a terrorist group, according to the most recent addition to TPUSA’s "Professor Watchlist."

In Cook's "Politics of Terrorism" class, he began the fall semester with an assignment for students to write an essay with the prompt: "Explain why the Taliban are not Terrorists." The assignment instructions said that the essay had to be "one page" and that students... (Read more)