GOP candidate says campaign ad was rejected over 'Let's Go Brandon'

Posted 10 days ago


Republican Senate candidate Jim Lamon (Ariz.) said Wednesday that Yahoo rejected his campaign ad because he used the anti-Biden phrase “Let’s go Brandon.”

Lamon released a digital ad Monday focusing on immigration and attacking Democratic politicians such as President Biden.

"Let's take the fight to Joe Biden and show him We the People put America first. The time is now," Lamon said, before adding “Let’s go Brandon.”

Lamon had plans to run the ad on Yahoo before the company rejected it. Fox News obtained an email exchange between Yahoo and TAG Strategies Wednesday saying the ad would only be approved if “Let’s go Brandon” was taken out of it.

"We would not be able to approve this ad due to the use of ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’ which would be considered overly inflammatory and offensive. If that is excluded we would be able to approve it," a Yahoo manager said in an email to TAG Strategies, per Fox. "If that is excluded we would be able to approve."

Lamon released a video Wednesday on Twitter, with the post saying “the Big Tech Oligarchs are int... (Read more)

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