China sends people to 'quarantine camps' ahead of Olympic Games to clamp down on COVID-19 outbreaks

Posted 11 days ago


China has pressed ahead with holding the Olympics despite the global spike in COVID-19 omicron cases, leading to such measures as "quarantine camps" and mass lockdowns to prevent any disruption during the games.

Some have criticized China’s "Zero COVID" policy as harsh and extreme, with entire cities in lockdown after detecting just a few cases of COVID-19. To ensure the 2022 Winter Olympics run smoothly, China has gone so far as to utilize massive "camps" where people quarantine for two weeks.

Video on Twitter shows rows of the box structures, which come complete with a bed and a toilet, and even elderly people and pregnant women are not exempt, according to Indian news outlet First Post. The camp reportedly exists within Xi’an, which has fast become the epicenter of the current outbreak in China.

And trying to avoid a stay is not a choice: Another video shows workers in white hazard suits forcing a man out of his apartment and preparing him for the camp. He asks that they let him finish his meal or get his phone, but the workers drag him into the street and stop to ask him only to put his facemask on.

Residents of Xi’an faced a "midnight quarantine" during which officials informed residents just as the New Year began that they had to leave their homes to go to the quarantine facilities, the BBC reported. One person reported seeing 30 bu... (Read more)

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