Kevin McCarthy: Democrats' election bill is about 'gaming the system,' not voting rights

Posted 11 days ago


President Biden’s consolidated voting bill is making its way through Congress and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Thursday it’s not at all about fair elections on "Fox & Friends."

"This is not about a fair election," he said. "This is about gaming the system and putting your thumb on the scale for Democrats to try to keep control of Congress."

McCarthy, R-Calif., broke down how the bill will most likely pass through the House on Thursday since it’s been gutted in a larger effort to "take over the election system" and grant Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N. Y., "a little advantage" on timing in the Senate. McCarthy said he does not believe the bill will pass in the Senate.

The California Republican pointed out how the House proposed a solution to block noncitizens and illegal immigrants from voting, even though every single Democrat voted against it.

"So, what do they really believe in protecting our vote?" he asked. "And in this bill, it’s going to propose that every single Democrat can get up t... (Read more)