‘That’s When I Knew They Didn’t Have A Case’: Rittenhouse Details Critical Moments Of Trial

Posted 52 days ago


Speaking to conservative podcast host Charlie Kirk, Kyle Rittenhouse detailed this week what he thought were the two critical points in his trial that showed him favorability, and he revealed that the state had “no case” against him — and both points hit very early in the trial.

“At what point in the trial were you like, okay this is going in a direction that is somewhat favorable,” Kirk asked Rittenhouse.

“There were two, actually, from when I knew the state didn’t have a case,” the teenager explained.

“It’s when they had their opening statements and when they put Dominick Black (Rittenhouse’s friend) on the stand, which really helped me. That’s when I knew that they didn’t have a case.”

“So the opening statements, you already knew?” Kirk said.

“Yeah,” Rittenhouse said, explaining the prosecution claiming that the teenager “chased down” Joseph Rosenbaum, “which is not true.”

Notably, prosecution reframed their arguments after their opening claim that Rittenhouse chased Rosenbaum fell apart. Instead, the team shifted to accusing Rittenhouse of “provocation,” seemingly for merely being present and having a rifle.

“What exactly was [prosecution’s] strategy for putting Black on the stand, because his story completely lined up with your story,” journalist Jack Posobiec interjected, posing the question to Rittenhouse.

“I think they called Dominick to the stand hoping that he would lie,” Rittenhouse stated bluntly. “But Dominick was under oath and he told the truth.”

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