Nevada to make unvaccinated state workers pay insurance surcharge

Posted 52 days ago


Nevada state workers and adult dependents who are covered under public employee benefits and remain unvaccinated will soon be hit with a surcharge of as much as $55 a month starting next July in an effort to alleviate COVID-19 testing costs, the Associated Press reported.

Beginning in July 2022, unvaccinated state employees and their dependents will have to pay a monthly fee as a result of Nevada’s Public Employees’ Benefit Program Board voting in favor of a surcharge on Thursday, according to the news outlet.

Weekly testing is mandated in Nevada workplaces, and it is estimated that for 2021 alone, over $6 million in COVID-19 claims will be filed by Nevada employees.

Some organizations have imposed policies similar to the approved surcharge in an effort to compel employees to get the vaccine while underscoring how expensive it can be to remain unvaccinated within a community.

The largest health system in Louisiana said earlier this year that it would be charging $100 per pay period, or $200 monthly, to their workers if their partners or spouses that receive benefits through the employer remain unvaccinated.

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