MSNBC medical contributor: If you don't have the booster, you can't safely be around others

Posted 8 days ago


An MSNBC medial contributor asserted Tuesday on "The ReidOut" that only those who have been fully vaccinated and received a booster shot should be around others.

Dr. Lipi Roy told Joy Reid during the segment that people should "practice every possible mitigation measure, before adding that "if people are fully vaccinated and even boosted, you can be around other[s]" who have done the same.

Reid also asked Roy a variety of other questions regarding boosters, vaccination, including whether or not senior relatives could attend Thanksgiving.

"As long as they are fully vaccinated and boosted, it’s safe to be around other people," Roy responded.

She then added that in the event you are unsure about other guests’ vaccination status, vaccinated individuals should wear a mask or have others get a rapid test. Roy also said that everybody that is 18 and above "needs to get the booster."

"If you have got Pfizer or Moderna and it’s been six months, get the booster. If you have J&J, and it’s been two months, get the booster," added Roy.

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