Supreme Court to hear dispute over North Carolina voter ID law

Posted 8 days ago


The Supreme Court on Wednesday agreed to review a procedural dispute involving a North Carolina law that requires voters to show photo ID.

The case does not directly concern the lawfulness of the requirement, but rather deals with which government bodies can defend the law against legal challenges.

Top Republican lawmakers in North Carolina who back the measure are seeking to intervene in defense of its constitutionality, despite the fact that the state’s attorney general, a Democrat, has already taken that position in state and federal court.

Still, GOP legislative leaders contend that they too have a right to represent the state’s interest in defending the law — a claim the lower courts found unconvincing, prompting the lawmakers’ appeal to the Supreme Court.

“This is a fairly common problem we see today where a state executive (governor and/or attorney general) is a Democrat and the state legislature is controlled by Republ... (Read more)