Timeline of how Cuomo hid COVID nursing home death toll while negotiating book deal

Posted 8 days ago


A timeline of how then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo hid the true COVID-19 death toll of nursing home residents while negotiating the rights to his book last year about the COVID-19 crisis that paid him a $5.1 million advance.

Coronavirus hits New York. A 39-year-old health care worker from Manhattan, who recently returned from a trip to Iran, is identified as the first positive case in the Empire State.

Penguin Random House reaches out to a literary agency representing Cuomo to see if he “was interested in writing a book.”

Cuomo issues executive order stating New York will go on pause in two days.

The state Department of Health issues the infamous directive barring nursing homes from denying COVID-19-positive residents entry to the facility.

The DOH begins publishing nursing home fatalities on its website.

The DOH orders nursing homes to report daily COVID-19 deaths, including “if the death occurred in [their] facility or the hospital setting.”

Statistics on nursing home fatalities published on DOH website are revised to only include confirmed and presumed cases in facilities. Fatalities of nursing home residents who died in hospitals are removed from metrics.

Cuomo’s literary agent tells a Penguin rep the governor has been working on the book and has 70,000 words completed.

Cuomo and a “senior Executive Chamber official” meet with Penguin reps. At Cuomo’s behest, DOH publishes its doctored nursing home data report that shows 6,000 deaths instead of 10,000. “Throughout the drafting process, the former Governo... (Read more)