Waukesha locals furious after learning Christmas parade suspect was out on $1,000 bail

Posted 9 days ago


Residents told Fox News that they believe the bail set for the career criminal suspected of driving an SUV through a crowded Christmas parade in downtown Waukesha, Wisconsin on Sunday was too low and that he should have still been in jail.

"I can’t believe he was out. Something needs to change," said Allen, a Waukesha local.

Darrell Brooks is the sole suspect in the assault that left five dead and dozens injured. Brooks, a convicted felon and career criminal, posted a $1,000 bond in Milwaukee County on felony and misdemeanor charges just days before the deadly incident.

"There’s no reason somebody should be that low with that serious of crimes, felonies committed," said Carrie, a lifelong resident of Waukesha, who spoke to Fox News on her way to deliver gifts to victims of the violence at the children’s hospital.

She went on to question if maybe Brooks had help inside the district attorney’s office to get such a low bond.

"I’m curious if he knew somebody and that’s why it got knock... (Read more)