San Francisco, Bay Area stores ransacked; retailer warns leadership 'invited chaos' amid looting streak

Posted 9 days ago


A San Francisco retailer is calling crime in the city "atrocious" after thieves recently targeted luxury retailers and other stores with mass looting over a period of days. Gump's owner John Chachas joined "Fox & Friends" to discuss the crime wave and share his concerns as a business owner.

"My concern as a business person is you don't have a functioning environment anymore when you have people outside of the city who are afraid to come to the city because of rampant crime… and grit and filth," Chachas explained.

Over the weekend, at least 12 stores were ransacked, including a Louis Vuitton in the city's well-known Union Square, which was reportedly "emptied out."

"Today, you can steal up to nine hundred ninety five dollars worth of goods and it's a misdemeanor, and the people that are doing this know that the police are not likely to actually do anything about it," Chachas stated.

"If they did something about it, the district attorney is not likely to prosecute," he continued. "So until you change things back to a law abiding society, you just invite this kind of chaos."

In response to the weekend's chaos, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced the city would limit car access to the area in an effort to counter the rampant looting.

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