Transgender Netflix Employee Who Protested Dave Chappelle Resigns

Posted 9 days ago


The transgender Netflix employee who helped organize last month’s employee walkout in protest of comedian Dave Chappelle has resigned, saying “I am relieved to have closure.”

Terra Field, a male-to-female transgender, left the company effective Sunday, according to a copy of the resignation letter that Field posted online.  Field, who worked as a software engineer at Netflix, didn’t specify the reason for the departure, but said the firing of trans co-worker B. Pagels-Minor for allegedly leaking internal data to a reporter was a catalyst.

“Shortly after B. was fired for something I did not and do not believe they [sic] did, I made a decision: sink or swim, I was going to walk side by side with B. as they [sic] had for so many of us,” Field wrote.

Field said Pagels-Minor gave birth to a son last week.

“They are both happy and healthy, and for me that is the note that I’d like this chapter of my life to end on. I want to focus on the joy, not the heartache.”

Field still claims to have been sus... (Read more)

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