Alec Baldwin difficult on '30 Rock' set, threatened to assault director, book claims

Posted 9 days ago


A handful of the minds behind the hit NBC sitcom "30 Rock" are recalling the difficulty they had working with Alec Baldwin, including an occasion in which he allegedly threatened to assault a director.

The Emmy-winning "30 Rock" followed the lives of the writers and actors behind an NBC sketch show inspired by "Saturday Night Live." Baldwin appeared on the show for seven seasons as Jack Donaghy, Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming for General Electric. However, according to a new book by Mike Roe titled "The 30 Rock Book: Inside the Iconic Show, from Blerg to EGOT," it seems Baldwin was not as fun off-camera as he was on it.

According to excerpts obtained by The New York Post, Baldwin allegedly threatened to assault director Adam Bernstein during the first season of the show. The story reportedly goes that the director held up two thumbs to frame a shot, which set the actor off for some reason.

"According to [editor Doug] Abel, Alec turned to [Bernstein] and said that if he did that one more time, he was going to assault him. And he didn’t say it with a smile on his face," Roe writes.

Neither representatives for Baldwin nor Bernstein immediately responded to Fox News’ request for comment.

However, the outlet reports that Bernstein, who went on to have a lucrative career on shows like "Breaking Bad" and "Fargo," left the show after six episodes, which many speculate had to do with the animosity between him and Baldwin.

Fellow "30 Rock" director Paul Feig admitted that, of everyone on the show, Baldwin was the most difficult to work with. However, he explained that had a lot to do with the fact that the actor, who was mostly a film and theater star to that point, was consid... (Read more)