‘Malpractice’: Democratic Alderman Blasts Lori Lightfoot For ‘Refusing To Acknowledge Any Fault’ For City’s Crime

Posted 9 days ago


Democratic Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez said Monday that Mayor Lori Lightfoot “refuses to acknowledge any fault” in the city’s ongoing crime wave and that she has “lost control.”

“We still have about five weeks left to the year. We are on track to have over 850 homicides in the city of Chicago with no end in sight, no policy to keep people safe and a mayor who refuses, absolutely refuses to acknowledge any fault from her own administration,” Lopez said during an appearance on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

“She likes to say that she is taking on crime as though it’s a public health matter and I tell you that if any doctor treated their patients the way she is treating Chicago in terms of public health they’d be sued for malpractice,” he continued.

The alderman said “nothing has been working” with the mayor’s efforts to combat crime and that she “has lost control of the city.”

Although Lopez acknowledged that Lightfoot “likes to talk tough,” she has not done “absolutely nothing” to fight gang violence and would rather blame r... (Read more)