"Xi's Power Move to Meet Putin Despite ICC War Crimes Charges Sends Shockwaves Through Global Politics"

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Posted 78 days ago

Chinese leader Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin signals a political boost for the isolated Russian president after being charged with war crimes in Ukraine by the International Criminal Court. Xi's government did not disclose what the Chinese leader hoped to accomplish with the meeting. While China has portrayed itself as neutral regarding the conflict in Ukraine, it views Russia as a partner in opposing what they perceive as American domination of global affairs.

The meeting with Putin gives both leaders a chance to show they have "powerful partners" at a time of strained relations with Washington, according to Joseph Torigian, an expert in Chinese-Russian relations at American University in Washington. China can signal that it could do more to help Russia if relations with the US continue to deteriorate. Meanwhile, Beijing's relations with Washington, Europe, and its neighbors remain tense over disputes on technology, security, human rights, and the ruling Communist Party's treatment of Hong Kong and Muslim minorities.

Some commentators suggest a parallel between Russia's claims to Ukraine territory and China's claim to Taiwan. The Communist Party asserts that the self-ruled island democracy, which split with China in 1949 after a civil war, is obliged to unite with the mainland, by force if necessary. Xi's government has increased efforts to intimidate Taiwan by flying fighter jets nearby and firing missiles into the sea.

China has stepped up purchases of Russian oil and gas, helping to top up the Kremlin's revenue in the face of Western sanctions. Beijing appears to have largely complied with US warnings not to provide military support. The meeting between Xi and Putin comes after the ICC announcement of charges that Putin is responsible for abducting thousands of children from Ukraine.

Xi, who wants to be seen as a global statesman playing a constructive role in talking about peace, is unlikely to press Putin to end the war, said Torigian. China is concerned about potential Russian losses on the battlefield but does not want to be seen to enable Russia's aggression. They won't spend political capital on pressing Moscow to make peace, especially if they don't believe it will be beneficial.

In an article published in the Russian Gazette, Xi said that his upcoming visit to Russia would be a journey of friendship, cooperation, and peace. He stated that China had actively promoted peace talks and that a reasonable way to resolve the crisis could be found if all parties embrace the vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable security. The meeting comes after the diplomatic thaw between Iran and Saudi Arabia following a meeting in Beijing, a diplomatic victory for Xi's government.

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