Surfer Bethany Hamilton speaks out against transgender policy in women's division

Submitted by MAGA

Posted 42 days ago

Surfer and author Bethany Hamilton is expressing concerns about the World Surf League's recent policy that allows transgender women, who were assigned male at birth, to compete in the women's division of professional surfing. Hamilton is questioning the decision and asking if other surfers were consulted before the policy was announced. She feels she needs to speak up for those who are afraid to share their opinions and asks for more information about the impact of this rule on other sports such as swimming, running, and MMA. Hamilton suggests creating a different division for fair competition and expresses that she won't be participating in or supporting the World Surf League if the rule remains.

Trent Talbot, the CEO of the publishing company that recently released Hamilton's children's book, is also standing by her decision. The World Surf League has adopted the International Surfing Association's transgender policy, which immediately allows transgender women to compete if they have a woman/female identity card or passport and have maintained a low testosterone level for the past year.