Schoolgirl beaten on bus, parents plan to press charges against attackers

Submitted by MAGA

Posted 44 days ago

A 9-year-old schoolgirl in Homestead, Florida was brutally beaten by two boys on a school bus, as evidenced by horrific footage that was posted online. The parents of the victim are now planning to press charges against the two attackers. The attack was witnessed by other students, who did not intervene and instead filmed the assault and cheered on the attackers. The Miami-Dade Schools Police responded to the incident and arrested the two boys, who were later released into the care of their parents. The school district released a statement, acknowledging the seriousness of the issue and reiterating their commitment to student safety and wellbeing.

The victim's mother has expressed her frustration with the lack of intervention from fellow students and school staff, and has reported previous instances of bullying and violence involving her children at the school. The school district has urged parents to reinforce responsible behavior and respect for others at home.