Polls show U.S. remains divided over Trump, the FBI, and Jan 6 attack

Posted 46 days ago


The FBI search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was quickly blasted by the former president’s Republican colleagues and a throng of supporters, who rallied against the raid outside his Florida resort on Monday.

The unprecedented search of a former president’s home signalled an escalation of the investigation into missing White House documents — one of several probes into Trump’s time in office, his role in the Jan 6 attacks and his business dealings.

Trump’s reaction — to condemn the raid as ‘not necessary or appropriate’ – has resonated with his legion of MAGA fans, many of whom say he won the 2020 election and that Democrats will try anything to stop him running again in 2024.

Still, many Americans say Trump is not above the law, that his actions in the White House warrant investigation and that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has a responsibility to fulfil this difficult task.

Against this backdrop, DailyMail.com is spotlighting five recent polls that provide a snapshot of Americans’ attitudes on Trump, the FBI, the DOJ, the Jan 6 hearings and simmering political divisions that could boil over into violence.

The polling suggests that voters remain bitterly divided over the 45th president, whether he should be investigated, and whether U. S. institutions operate fairly. While some Republicans have moved away from Trump, he retains a passionate and combustible base.

We are also giving readers the chance to share their views, and vote on whether they approve of the FBI’s decision to raid Trump’s luxury retreat in Palm Beach and crack open his safe in the search for missing papers.

POLL 1: Republicans trust the FBI less than Democrats

The FBI has an image problem. Overall, 47 percent of Americans distrust the national crime-fighting bureau, and 46 percent trust it, according to a Golden/TIPP Poll from May.

Support is politically tilted: Democrats and independents broadly trust the institution, but most Republicans (55 percent) lack trust, even though Trump appointed FBI director Christopher Wray.

POLL 2: U. S. split over Trump's role in Jan 6 insurrection

After weeks of televised hearings into the assault on the Capitol in January 2021, U. S. voters remained divided over Trump’s role in the insurrection, and whether he encouraged supporters to try to stop lawmakers from certifying his electoral defeat.... (Read more)