'I work hard for what I’ve got. If you come and take it, there’s consequences': Homeowner who shot armed intruder dead issues no-nonsense warning ​to crooks

Posted 55 days ago


An Indianapolis homeowner who fatally shot an armed intruder late last month issued a no-nonsense warning to others intent on similar crimes.

“I hate that it happened. I hope these other guys learn a lesson from it. If not, there’s plenty of spots over in Crown Hill,” Howard Murphy told WANE-TV, presumably in reference to a city cemetery. “I don’t want it to be like that, but just like the average worker, I work hard for what I’ve got. If you come and take it, there’s consequences behind that.”

Murphy said he heard someone breaking into his West 34th Street home through a side window just after 4 a.m. July 29, WANE reported, adding that he came downstairs to confront the intruder.

“He took a video game system and threw it at me, and after that shots rang out,” Murphy told the station.

Murphy admitted he shot the stranger, who then ran upstairs while holding a knife and died in a bedroom, WANE said.

“I honestly didn’t even know if he had been shot because he was still moving around and running around,” Murphy added to the station.

He cooperated with police and was soon released from custody, WANE reported.

Murphy also told the station his home had been broken into earlier in the same week as the July 29 incident and that that thousands of dollars in electronics were stolen.... (Read more)