Trump roots out 'deep state': People 'you would least suspect'

Posted 55 days ago


There is a "deep state" of government bureaucrats who regularly disrupt the commander in chief's plans, former President Donald Trump said in a recent interview.

In talking with popular conservative commentator Dan Bongino, Trump opened up about how officials within his own administration created roadblocks for his agenda and put blame on recommendations he received from "RINOS," or Republicans in Name Only, a pejorative often used to criticize fellow members of the GOP.

"Look, there is a deep state," Trump said. "There is a group of people that are not doing a very good job for the country."

The conversation was framed around a report by Axios journalist Jonathan Swan saying how Trump's allies want to "radically reshape" the federal government if Trump is elected to another term as president. This includes trimming parts of the Justice Department, the State Department, and the Pentagon, sources told the news outlet.

Trump called it a lengthy and "strange story," distancing himself from it while also noting that many of the ideas outlined in the report were "not bad."... (Read more)