New York Times spotlights Pelosi's lavish California living, husband's troubled driving history

Posted 46 days ago


Following the drunk driving arrest of Nancy Pelosi’s husband, a Wednesday New York Times piece exposed new details about the Democratic House Speaker’s lavish lifestyle, as well as her husband's troubled driving record.

On May 28, Paul Pelosi drove a small distance in his Porsche 911 from the swanky California estate of friend and Democratic donor Alexander Mehran to his home in Napa Valley. Soon after departing, a Jeep slammed into his vehicle as he attempted to cross the highway. He was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, and will head to court on August 3.

The Times called the incident "not especially flattering," but noted Mr. Pelosi’s recent cataract surgery may have also impaired his driving, in addition to the alcohol.

But, Pelosi’s friends, including Mehran, did not seem too concerned about the incident, when speaking to the Times. Mehran called Paul a "social drinker," while his wife reportedly does not drink.

Some of the Pelosi’s friends downplayed the incident, calling Paul Pelosi’s overnight stay in county jail "excessive." Other local residents added that in an "earlier era" for Napa, drunk driving was "met with understanding, rather than criminal charges," as the Times put it.

"I feel just awful about what’s happened because there was a time when if a thing like this happened, the cops would take you home," Diane Wilsey, a Republican family friend as well as fellow trustee with Paul at the San Fran War Memorial and Performing Arts Center, told The Times.

The incident also sparked tragic memories of Mr. Pelosi’... (Read more)