Republican congressman proposes bill attacking Biden's elections executive order as state opposition grows

Posted 48 days ago


In a possible preview of what to expect if Republicans retake the House, a GOP lawmaker sponsored legislation to nullify President Joe Biden’s executive order empowering federal agencies to oversee aspects of voting in elections.

Rep. Alex Mooney, R-W. V. introduced the legislation after several state lawmakers pushed back against what they consider Biden’s federal overreach into elections that are historically managed by state and local governments.

In Mooney’s state, West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner sent a letter to Biden in May requesting the president rescind the order directing federal agencies to make plans to conduct state-level voter registration services.

Mooney wants to build support for the legislation now and add co-sponsors to bring it back up in 2023, when he expects a new Republican majority in Congress.

"We want to expose what he is attempting to do here," Mooney told Fox News Digital. "Obviously, the Democrats were unable to pass their House Resolution 1 and Senate Bill 1, which would have hijacked the entire election system in this country and now this little sneaky executive order attempt to achieve some of those goals is being pushed."

H. R. 1 and S. 1 were bills Democrats dubbed the "For the People Act" that would have restricted state voter ID, expanded mail-in voting and the controversial practice of ballot harvesting, and would have required states to allow same-day voter registration, and other measures.

Even if the president is unlikely to sign legislation reversing his executive order, Mooney said the legislation will bring awareness. Moreover, he is encouraging his Republican colleagues to use the power of the purse.

"I want to put the bill in, have a hearing, expose what they are doing, hopefully, pass the bill," he said. "Also, we Republicans have to do a better job of using the appropriations committee to defund unconstitutional executive orders like this. We should just simply not fund the programs or departments doing this next year, shut it down that way."

Biden issued the executive order in March 2021 that called for an "all-of-government" effort to "promote voter registration and voter participation."

While members of Congress and watchdog groups have sought more information on the implementation, some federal agencies have released various plans to implement Biden's executive order, including the Justice Department releasing guidance for st... (Read more)