Poll: Democrats’ 1/6 Primetime Special Hasn’t Swayed Anyone

Posted 49 days ago


A new YouGov poll indicates that the January 6th Committee’s primetime hearings and widespread news coverage isn’t making a big impact on how Americans view the 2021 Capitol riot.

The poll found that 41% of Americans say former President Donald Trump bears “a lot” of responsibility for his supporters taking over the Capitol, with an additional 11% saying he bears “some” responsibility. That represents very little change from YouGov’s findings in the immediate aftermath of the riot last January, when their tracking poll found that 44% of Americans said Trump bears “a lot” of responsibility for the event.

NEW – 1/6 committee chair Bennie Thompson tells small group of reporters there won’t be any more hearings in June after Thursday and then “the next two hearings will be later in July.”

The latest poll surveyed 1,500 adult American citizens between June 18-21, with a margin of error of 2... (Read more)

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