Poll: Rising Gas Prices Emerge as Top Midterm Issue

Posted 49 days ago


Gas prices have emerged as the top midterm issue, barely edging out inflation, data from Rasmussen Reports found.

Rasmussen Reports on Tuesday released a list of top voter midterm issues among likely voters and found rising gas prices reigning as the very top issue.

According to the data, 92 percent are concerned, and of those, 68 percent are “very” concerned.  However, inflation is still an extremely pressing issue, as 91 percent said they are concerned, 69 percent of whom are very concerned.

The economy rounds out the top three midterm issues, as 89 percent are concerned, with 69 percent “very” concerned.

Notably, Rasmussen Reports found a major difference between the concerns of voters and the “U. S. Legacy Media,” identifying climate change, abortion rights, and the Capitol Riot Investigation as the top three issues for the latter group, demonstrating a major disconnect between members of the establishment media and the American people:

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