Biden's move to suspend gas tax slammed as an 'unserious' solution by Oil and Gas Association president

Posted 49 days ago


During a Wednesday interview on "Fox and Friends," U. S. Oil and Gas Association President Tim Stewart responded to President Biden's decision to ask Congress to suspend the federal gas tax until September as Americans across the country grapple with soaring prices as the pump.

TIM STEWART: The president seems to completely avoid any addressing of the issue, which is we've got to increase long-term supply. He's like the college freshman who refuses to study for the midterm. And the reality is that we've got to address long-term supply. These gimmicks that the administration keeps throwing out, whether it be a gas tax holiday or gas cards or what have you, they're gimmicks. And the global markets don't respond to gimmicks. And this is the problem with the administration. It's an unserious solution to a serious problem. ... (Read more)