Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Refusal To Condemn SCOTUS Leak, Protests At Justices’ Homes ‘Sinister’ Says Ex-Federal Prosecutor

Posted 37 days ago


Future U. S. Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson‘s refusal to condemn the leak of an explosive draft of the high court’s pending abortion opinion or the ongoing protests outside the homes of jurists falls between “cowardly” and “sinister,” according to former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy.

Jackson, who is set to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer after the current term ends, was interviewed by the Washington Post. When asked about the leak of Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion and related protests at the Washington-area homes of  justices expected to vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 case determining a federal right to abortion, she demurred.

“I can’t answer that,” Jackson answered when asked if leaking the draft opinion “was a good thing or a bad thing.”

When asked what she thought about the ongoing protests outside the homes of Alito and fellow justices Clarence Thomas, Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, and Chief Justice John Roberts, who did not sign the draft opinion, Jackson was equally oblique.

“I don’t have any comment,” she said.

McCarthy, also a Fox News contributor, was scathing in his criticism of Jackson’s refusal to take a position in a National Review column.

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“This ranges from somewhere between cowardly and sinister, much like the failure of the justices to issue a joint statement that echoes the chief justice’s condemnation of the leak a... (Read more)

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