Johnny Depp fans mock Amber Heard for ‘fake crying’ on the stand

Posted 52 days ago


Johnny Depp fans are not pleased with Amber Heard’s testimony.

Ever since the actress, 36, took the stand in her defamation trial against Depp, social media has been flooded with accusations that Heard is "fake crying" on the stand.

Heard spent two days on the stand, accusing her ex-husband, 58, of being physically abusive and conducting a "cavity search," reportedly believing she hid his cocaine in her vagina.

The "Aquaman" star was often emotional when she answered questions about her tumultuous marriage to Depp. Not all fans decided to poke because #IStandWithAmberHeard began trending on Twitter on Thursday.

Depp supporters aren’t all that convinced by her testimony.

Depp die-hards took to Twitter and TikTok following her testimony. "OMG I'm DYING," one Twitter user wrote. "Amber Heard is the worst actor EVER. This fake incoherent PERFORMANCE is sickening... All over the place, too many details, fake sighs, forced tears and looks to the jury.. This is an EMBARASSMENT to survivors everywhere."

Another user claimed that Heard was "putting on the performance of her life".

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