A superyacht believed to be Vladimir Putin's was just impounded by Italian officials

Posted 52 days ago


On Friday, Italian authorities seized a giant superyacht that is said to be owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin after the Italian government recommended that the ship be impounded as part of the West’s ongoing campaign of sanctions against Russia.

The Daily Mail reported that Italian authorities said that the $700 million mega-yacht named “The Scheherazade,” is more than 450 feet long and contains spas, swimming pools, and two helicopter pads.

The giant yacht has been the subject of an ongoing investigation by Italy’s financial police since the end of this past March and has been docked at Marina di Carrara near Pisa since this past September as it undergoes a refit.

The Italian government’s seizure of the ship came late at night as Italian officials grew increasingly concerned that The Scheherazade was going to slip away from their jurisdiction and into international waters to avoid Western sanctions.

Reportedly, in recent days there has been a flurry of activity around the yacht. In March, the ship's majority Russian crew had been replaced with a British staff overnight.

Indicating that the ship had connections to Russia, The Italian Financial Police released a statement that said, “After verification by the fiscal authoritie... (Read more)