Poll: Joe Biden's Approval Rating in Delaware Underwater by 3 Points

Posted 52 days ago


President Biden’s approval rating is underwater in his home state of Delaware, a Thursday Civiqs poll found.

Biden’s favorability rating in Delaware is 46 percent, while his disapproval rating is 49 percent. Biden’s net approval rating in his home state is negative three points.

Biden’s approval rating, where he was a senator for 36 years, has shrunk in recent weeks. In April, Biden’s approval rating was 50 percent in Delaware, dropping from 62 percent at a similar time last year, a Morning Consult poll revealed.

In 41 states, the president is underwater, according to the Civiqs poll. Biden holds a net positive approval rating in Democrat states like Vermont, California, Washington, New York, and Maryland. However, in Rhode Island, Biden’s net approval rating is just +3 points. In Illinois, Biden’s net approval rating is +1.

Biden’s highest disapproval rating is in Wyoming (77 percent) and West Virginia (75 percent). Biden’s respective ratings are important because Rep. Liz ... (Read more)