Justice Thomas on SCOTUS decisions: People need to ‘live with outcomes we don’t agree with’

Posted 48 days ago


Justice Clarence Thomas said people must “live with outcomes we don’t agree with” or the judiciary would be threatened, citing recent Supreme Court events as “one symptom of that.”

While speaking to judges and lawyers at the 11th Circuit Judicial Conference in Atlanta on Friday, Thomas said he was growing concerned about declining respect for governmental institutions and the rule of law.

While he did not directly refer to the leak of the draft opinion striking down Roe v. Wade, first published by Politico, he referred to the “unfortunate events” of this week.

“It bodes ill for a free society,” he said, adding that the court “can’t be an institution that can be bullied into giving you just the outcomes you want.”

Thomas noted that as a society,... (Read more)