Random Americans Pour Down Thunderous Boos On Amber Heard

Posted 48 days ago


Court TV’s Chanley Shá Painter posted a video to her Twitter account Thursday which revealed thunderous booing from the crowd gathered outside the courthouse when Amber Heard departed the courtroom — a stark contrast from the cheers Johnny Depp received.


The crowd of fans gathered outside Virginia’s Fairfax County Courthouse and were forced to stand behind a gate that separated them from building, according to the video. Standing with their cameras ready and poised, the crowd could be heard greeting Depp with excited cheering. The actor leaned out of his SUV and waved enthusiastically at his supporters. That clip resembled the energy that is typical of a red carpet appearance. The mood changed sharply when Heard’s vehicle exited the gates. The crowd rumbled with loud booing, and several thumbs down could be seen. Heard’s SUV remained sealed tight in the video.

The street was lined with police vehicles and the crowd was held quite a distance away from the building, but that didn’t stop fans from gathering to express their discontent with Heard. Painter’s foota... (Read more)

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