Hillary Clinton says the election isn't about disagreement, it's about the 'rise of authoritarianism' and a 'direct attack' on democracy

Posted 53 days ago


Hillary Clinton characterized the 2024 election as not of one between two parties disagreeing about policy, but about the "rise of authoritarianism" and a "direct attack" on democracy.

Clinton made the comments at the end of an interview with PBS published Friday when asked to address the very bad forecasts for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

"I think it depends upon, you know, number one, whether Democrats are willing to point out the extremism that has captured the Republican party," said Clinton.

"And to make it clear, this is not about special interest groups, this is not about one group of Americans versus another, this is about the rise of authoritarianism within our own country," she claimed.

"This is a direct attack on our democracy," Clinton concluded. "So if Democrats are willing, you know, not only to address the issues that are kitchen table issues, which we d... (Read more)