Gabby Petito's mother files new lawsuit against estate of Brian Laundrie

Posted 53 days ago


Nichole Schmidt, the mother of deceased Gabby Petito, on Friday filed a new wrongful death lawsuit in Florida against the curator of the estate of deceased Brian Laundrie.

The lawsuit, which seeks wrongful death damages of $30,000, states that Laundrie intentionally killed Petito, and as a direct result of his conduct, Schmdit and Joseph Petito, Gabby Petito's father, "incurred funeral and burial expenses, and they have suffered a loss of care and comfort, and suffered a loss of probable future companionship, society and comfort."

The complaint also demands a trial by jury and judgment for compensatory damages.

Laundrie family attorney Steven Bertolino said the Petito family's wrongful death lawsuit "was fully expected."

"This lawsuit will most likely not be defended and the Petitos will have gained nothing more than a piece of paper that tells them what everyone already knows – which is that Brian was responsible for Gabby's death as indicated by the FBI," he said.

The curator of Laundrie's estate, Barry Spivey, told Fox News Digital that one of his primary functions as a limited curator "is to accept service of a summons on that lawsuit," but he has "absolutely no responsibility to respond to it."

"They needed somebody to accept service of process, but once that's done, I'm done with it," he said of the complaint.

The new lawsuit comes after Schmidt and Petito filed a civil lawsuit in Florida alleging that Laundrie’s parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, were aware that their son killed their daughter and attempted to help him flee justice. ... (Read more)