Dave Chappelle alleged attacker Isaiah Lee pleads not guilty to misdemeanor charges for tackling comedian

Posted 53 days ago


The California man accused of allegedly barging onto the stage and tackling comedian Dave Chappelle during a show at the Hollywood Bowl was in court on Friday morning to face charges in connection with the assault.

Isaiah Lee entered a not guilty plea. His bail was set at $30,000. Lee had a sling and bandaged arm during his court appearance. His next court date is May 20.

Lee, 23, was initially charged with a felony count of assault with a deadly weapon after he rushed the stage during Chappelle’s stand-up performance Tuesday night as part of the Netflix Is A Joke Fest.

Chappelle had just completed his act around 10:40 p.m. local time when Lee "jumped onto the stage and tackled the comedian to the ground," the Los Angeles Police Department said.

He then allegedly "produced what was later discovered to be a replica handgun and pointed the item at the victim." Lee was found at the time to have been in possession of a counterfeit back handgun that had a knife attached, police said at the time.

But on Thursday, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer announced downgraded misdemeanor charges. Instead of the felony, Lee was charged with battery, possession of a weapon with intent to assault, unauthorized access to the stage area during a performance and commission of an act that delays the event or interferes with the performer.

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