LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva says deputies making arrests, but cases ‘fall apart’ when they reach DA Gascon

Posted 53 days ago


Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, a frequent critic of embattled LA District Attorney George Gascon, told Fox News his department does not have a working relationship with the DA’s office.

"I have never met him in public, I’ve had one phone call with him," Villanueva told Fox News.

Gascon is facing his second recall attempt since taking office in December 2020. A 2021 attempt didn't gather enough signatures by the filing deadline to go to a vote.

Sheriff Villanueva, a Democrat running for re-election in June, called out Gascon as allegedly contributing to the uptick in LA’s violent crime.

According to Villanueva, his office presented 13,238 cases that the district attorney’s office later rejected because they don’t conform to Gascon’s "special directives."

"Astonishing number of cases," said Villanueva. "These are people that did bad things that left a victim, have the evidence presented and they said ‘don’t bother,’" he continued.

Gascon’s office declined to comment when asked about the DA's relationship with the sheriff's department by Fox News.

Gascon issued a series of directives after taking office in December 2020 that have come under scrutiny.

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