Ex-Clinton Lawyer Moves to Introduce FBI Notes During Upcoming Trial

Posted 53 days ago


Former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann is moving to introduce notes taken by an FBI agent during his upcoming trial, according to new court filings.

Sussmann has “multiple pages of handwritten notes” that were taken by an agent at the FBI headquarters on the investigation into the theory that former President Donald Trump’s business had a secret form of communication with a Russian bank, Special Counsel John Durham said in one of the filings.

Sussmann’s attorneys listed the notes on their proposed exhibit list, or the list of documents they want to be free to introduce during the trial.

The defendant also has notes taken by multiple Department of Justice officials at a March 6, 2017 briefing by the FBI for then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions on various investigations related to Trump, including the one concerning the bank claims, Durham’s team said.

The revelations were revealed in an objection to various items on Sussmann’s exhibit list, with prosecutors arguing that the court should force Sussmann’s lawyers to explain why they should be allowed to bring up the notes during the trial.

“The defendant has objected to the government’s admission of certain notes taken by FBI officials … and the government has explained in detail its bases for admitting such notes. Accordingly, the defendant should similarly proffer a legal basis to admit the notes he seeks to offer at trial,” they said.

In a similar motion from Sussmann, representatives for the ex-Clinton lawyer said they have raised objection... (Read more)