Hawley blasts leftist 'celebration' of Supreme Court leak, calls Biden remarks undemocratic

Posted 49 days ago


In the wake of the leak of a draft opinion that would signal an overturning of Roe v. Wade and return abortion policymaking back to state governments, Sen. Josh Hawley slammed left-wing activists "celebrating" the development.

The Missouri Republican told "The Story" on Fox News Thursday that President Biden is one of many on the left who believe there should be only one singular acceptable national view on abortion.

Hawley, who clerked for Chief Justice John Roberts, said the leak is a "threat to judicial independence."

"I know the leftists are celebrating it. And what they're trying to do is use it to pressure the Supreme Court into changing its opinion, into changing its deliberations," he said, adding that threats by protesters to go to justices' homes is "dangerous."

"They're trying to undermine the independence and integrity of the court," Hawley said.

Responding to a 1982 clip of then-Delaware Sen. Joe Biden speaking as he emerged as the only Democrat to side with Republicans in support of an amendment to let state governments legislate against the Roe ruli... (Read more)