Democrat Sen. Mark Warner condemns Supreme Court leaker, calls for prosecution 'to the full extent of the law'

Posted 54 days ago


Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., broke ranks with party leaders on Thursday when he unequivocally condemned the individual who leaked a Supreme Court draft opinion on abortion, calling for prosecution to the "full extent of the law."

Warner was asked on "America Reports" about the Democrats' refusal to condemn the leaker accused of trying to subvert the court's ruling by prematurely publishing a draft opinion that, if held, would overturn the landmark ruling in Roe v. Wade.

Co-host John Roberts noted that "even the White House" wouldn't condemn the leaker, but Warner displayed no reluctance.

"I completely condemn the leak and whoever leaked it should be prosecuted," he asserted.

While he doesn't "have the foggiest idea who did it,... (Read more)